Dentistry is an art!CitiDent Dental Clinic

CitiDent Dental Clinic provides quality services in the field of dentistry.

The company motto is: Dentistry - is an art!

We held a strategic session where we clearly defined the goals, and more importantly discovered the grand aspirations of CitiDent. Once this was clear, we helped formulate the vision of the company and set a clear plan for achieving their goals.

In the process, many of the "IM4U Digital Agency" team members brought out their artistic side to help our client create the masterpiece called CitiDent.


What marketing colors did we add to this business?

  • Icon efficiency

    Have redesigned the logo.

  • Icon efficiency

    "IM4U Digital Agency" team performed extensive work on the site - from studying the target audience of the company and developing the prototype, to design, production, configuration and maintenance.

  • Icon efficiency

    Developed a high conversion structure of the new company website, drafted selling messages and packed it all into a trendy design.

  • Icon efficiency

    To ensure the comfort of the the client and provide them with constant control over the development process, we created weekly progress reports outlining completed tasks.

Our credo

- is to respect the client's time. In order to provide excellent communication and minimize the demands on the client's time, we generate reports in a format convenient for you.

For example, for CitiDent, video reports were the most convenient method. A short video, could be watched while waiting in the drive-thru line or drinking your cup of coffee.

Final touches

Creation of accounts on relevant social networks and promoting their presense:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • G+

Social networks help instill trust and loyalty of existing and new customers. The right platform can also generate new leads through exposure to a broader market.

This means that more new customers are able to find CitiDent's company website and sign up for an appointment with a specialist. It is even possible to set up an appointment from the comfort of their social network of choice where they are already spending much of their free time.


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