A pledge of convinience and comfort in your home Furniture Factory LIVS

The Furniture Factory LIVS

has been successfully operating for more than 20 years and has 35 stores across all of Ukraine. And although the quality of furniture production has remained impecablle for almost a quarter of a century, customer behavior varies from year to year. More and more users want to choose and purchase furniture via the Internet, rather than spending time on shopping trips.

Our task was to launch online sales, so that the company could capture the new opportunities and give potential customers the option to shop without leaving their home.

What solution did we propose?


We set up a number of advertising campaigns within Google AdWords. Within two weeks the online store LIVS dominated the top ten Google search results. At the moment, we continue to support this sales channel and are building additional channels to attract leads.

Our pride

We are grateful to LIVS for our long-term cooperation and their trust in our Digital Agency.

Despite the visible results, every two weeks we generate reports on the completed work in a convenient format of PDF presentations.

What format will you choose to see how your project is progressing? For some clients we even make video presentations. The choice is yours!

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