Stanco Group Liquid dosing systems

“Stanco Group”

- is a company that has been serving the international market for more than 18 years! Stanco Group specializes in the development and production of automatic filling lines.

At a certain point, companies of this scope come to a realization that simple production and marketing of their goods and services is just not grand enough. They naturally want more - a philosophy and a mission, determined growth on a continental scale, recognition and reputation not only on the Internet, but also in print media with the goal of dominating the complete space within their industry.

5-year global positioning strategy!


The purpose of our cooperation was the development of a strategy for the next 5 years. The strategy affected not only the creation of the defined mission and vision of the company, but also the development of a clear detailed plan for the growth and scaling of the company through on-line marketing.

The result of our cooperation is the new departments within Stanco Group, which are engaged exclusively in the on-line promotion of the company. These departments include the video content production studio for the YouTube channel, e-mail marketing team, and the public relations & communications department.

As a result, the foundation was laid for a new era of Stanco Group development. Now the company has definite new goals to reach and heights which they still need to conquer. This is history in the making. And we are priviliged that our "iM4U" digital marketing expert team is part of this process!

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