PERO Furniture facades of unique design

The company "PERO"

specializes in manufacturing of furniture facades: both standard and customized.

Employees of "PERO" pay close attention to the quality of production, constantly introducing the latest trends in technologies and developing their production.

But they simply did not have enough time to introduce the company to the Internet. And this is quite normal - everyone should focus on what they are best at.

Therefore, the founder of "PERO" asked for help from our in-house specialists. And even though we are not strong in the kitchen façade industry, we know exactly how the webiste interface should be designed!


From zero to results


The responsibility of showcasing the company "PERO" on the Internet weighed heavily on our shoulders. These would be the very first online impressions. Our objective: make a grand entry into the online space ASAP! And of course, show off in the very best light!

We developed the vision and a solid strategy for promoting the company's services on the Internet. And the first, step to implementing the strategy - was the development of the right Landing Page.

It's fast. It is not expensive. And this process did not distract from the main work the manager or the other employees of the "PERO" company. And most importantly - with further customization of advertising using Google AdWords, we were able to attract the first customers within a month after the start of the project!

We provided reports on the results of the work done once a week in a convenient PDF-format. Without terminology. Without incomprehensible formulas. Without long tables.

Clear and transparent communication for those who are not familiar with online marketing and its KPIs, CTR, ROI and other indicators. This project allows the PERO team to continue creating their own unique works of art in the form of stunning designer furniture facades.

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