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About im4u digital marketing agency


iM4U Digital Marketing Agency is a full cycle marketing agency


We achieve our goals through integrated marketing


We apply a strategic approach using all available promotion channels


Building a sustainable brand


Bringing the company up to national and international levels


Result orientation

Choosing the most effective promotion channels that give maximum results for the business.

Complex approach

Usage of all the effective tools to attract customers in one direction to form a sustainable brand and increase sales.

Dedicated team

The team dives deep into the essence of the business to create relevant content and offers. The business owner works with only one specialist who leads the entire team in a comprehensive manner.

Structural and systemic approach

Structuring all the work with the assignment of responsible persons for specific tasks. Establishment of a single system for all processes.

Transparency in project management

Guarantee of security of information, reporting on a regular basis to the client. The client can always track achievement of goals at any stage, find out the number of attracted clients and the cost per client.

Effective sales funnels

Creation of sales funnels for each promotion channel, calculating the cost of a potential and a real client. Funnel optimization to increase profitability. The client has access to information about the sales funnels that allows him/her to make further decisions – closing the channel, continuine to work with it, strengthening it.

Effective communication

The project manager is constantly in touch with the client, providing complete information on the project.
Communication with the team.

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Marketing is a power to attract potential target customers and build a sustainable brand so that buying from, and doing business with a company is easy. I had many years of experience working in different fields, so I entered the online marketing direction very organically.


At the beginning of 2015, while studying online marketing, I was able to organize sales of online products in just 2 months. After that, I gradually recruited a team, and friends began to ask about the promotion of their companies. This is how the development of my company began.


iM4U Digital Marketing Agency is a marketing agency that works with a comprehensive and individual approach to clients. We build effective strategies, optimal budgets, allocate a team for a specific project, are results-oriented, and maintain transparent reporting.

Alexandr Yaremenko

CEO iM4U Digital Marketing Agency

My main principles

Put yourself in the client's shoes

First, I need to understand your audience and then make sure that I will be understood. Business needs to be studied deeply and objectively in order to see its opportunities and form a unique selling proposition.


This means creating a fair and attractive offer for all parties of the business, where it is easy to cooperate and move in a long-term business relationship.

Focus on results

Any action of the team, or the company should be focused on the greatest benefit for our customers, and the results of the decisions should be focused on the right values.

International Awards
TDA_December2019_Award_White 1

Best digital agency in Europe 2019

softwaresuggest 2

iM4U DMA received an international award from SoftwareSuggest – an online platform that helps businesses, organizations and professionals select the best software solutions, in 2020.

Google Trusted iM4U 2

iM4U DMA – official representative of Google Street View Trusted

Gathered the first team and started working on the first projects

Directions: website development, social networks


Expansion of the team and services

Formation of a new service as “Comprehensive Marketing”, which has gained popularity among customers

The first cooperation with a large business in the field of massage equipment

Best Google Promotion Company in Austria

Cooperation with clients from America in the field of cargo transportation and other sectors

Providing services in English

Systematization of the marketing agency iM4U DMA

Cooperation with clients from Canada in the construction sector

Active participation in charity projects

Cooperation with clients from Canada in the landscape design sector

Providing every client with a dedicated team for their project