7 Most Popular Types of Websites and What They Include

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According to research, 38% of people will stop interacting if a website is poorly designed. This means that you should make sure that your website layout sends the right message and answers all your target audience’s questions. 

There are several types of websites that you can go for if you want to establish and improve your online presence in the market. Each one of them is designed to satisfy a specific purpose. So, which one should you go for? How can the right website design and layout help your business boom?

This article will explain the 7 most popular types of websites, their purposes, and features. Keep reading to learn more about them.

7 Most Popular Types of Websites

There are currently more than 1 billion websites on the internet, and the number increases all the time. Some of them are definitely more successful than others, so it’s essential to pick the right website design for your business. 

Today, web development has become easier, so you can just log into a free website builder and have a functioning website. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to use the website to elevate your online presence. 

You should ask yourself questions like what should my website tell my target audience? How can I use my website design and layout to send a message to my prospects? 

Each type of website has specific features and purposes. We’ll discuss the most popular ones in this section.

1. Business Website


Tell your target audience why they should work with you


  • List of products and services
  • An About Page to tell the customers about your company
  • Contact information
  • A call to action

This is one of the most common website types. The company will share examples of past work and customer feedback and explain how to make an order or contact for more questions. In this type, visual branding is crucial, as the website layout should tell your target audience what your brand is all about. The design should be simple to answer as many questions as possible, making sure that the logo and typography complement the company’s message. Customers should be able to get the information they need without scrolling various pages.

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2. eCommerce Website


Sell online products and services


  • High-quality images that show the products and services
  • Easy to navigate with clear sections
  • Details about your business, shipment, returns, and refunds should be clearly listed
  • Secure checkout and transactions

eCommerce websites are quite popular because the company sets up a website to sell its products and services online. Once you have an eCommerce website, you’ll have a functioning online shop that you can use with the physical store to increase your sales. 

There should be a section for customer service and an About Us section that tells your potential customers more about your business. Just like a business website, sticking to a consistent visual branding strategy is extremely important. Moreover, it should be simple so it doesn’t confuse users. 

3. Blog/News Website


Provide valuable information about the industry or company


  • Article lists
  • Tags for easy navigation
  • Updated posts
  • Can lead to an online store
  • Messages section for more information

The blog or news website should be related to your company’s niche and market, and it should be updated regularly with new posts or the latest news in your industry. The purpose of this website is to deliver valuable content that your target customers will appreciate. Think of what your target customers ask about, how to use your product, and what other products they can use to have a better experience. All these topics can provide excellent content for your blog.

example of the almco plumbing contact form designed by im4u digital marketing agency

4. Portfolio Website


Display samples of work to attract customers


  • High-quality images
  • Work samples
  • Contact information

Creating a portfolio website involves listing information about past projects to promote someone’s business. It can be used by individuals, especially those who work in a creative field, or by agencies and companies. This type of website can lead to an online shop or just display the contact information that customers need to get to the physical store or to contact the website’s owner. 

It should be easy to navigate and needs consistent updates. Your target audience should see that you’re engaging in successful projects to consider you for an upcoming one. 

5. Service Provider Website


Offer an online service


  • Easy to use
  • Payment options for subscriptions

This website will work for you if you offer an online service, like converting files to other types, a photo editor, or a grammar checker. The website should be easy to understand, and visitors should be able to access the tool instantly. In most cases, you can offer a limited version of your service that users can try for free. After that, they should be able to pay a subscription to access the tool’s full potential.

6. Landing Page


The main part of a marketing campaign that leads to other pages where customers can learn more about your brand


  • A single call to action
  • A brief description of the products and services
  • A clear visual brand

The landing page is a one-page website that your target audience reaches when they click the company’s link. Therefore, the website’s design should stick to the brand’s visual identity and should be simple and to the point. The landing page should work for lead generation, so customers can download an online catalog or learn more about the company’s products through a newsletter.

7. Wiki/Database Website


A reference or index that provides a lot of information


  • Easy search functions
  • Lots of linked pages
  • Ability to add comments or edit

This website serves as an index that shows a lot of information. When your target audience clicks any link, they’ll get transferred to another page that shows detailed information about your products or services. A database website can also be accessible to users who can contribute to the added content.

Let the Experts Help

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A successful website starts with a successful web design, so click here to get yours today. 


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