EVA Beauty studio

Beauty salons

- are among the most competitive industries of our time. Success in the beauty business depends not only on the quality of the services provided, but also on the positioning of the brand within the market.

A successful beauty salon is one whose clients brag about it in their "stories". Therefore, it is very important that the website and social media of the beauty studio is flawless.

Check out my new looks!


For the beauty salon "Eva" we developed a promotion strategy based on the results of the local target audience study. For this type of projects, it is critically important to understand the behavior of the city specific population (and even down to the district level!) of where the beauty studio will be located.

Our team of specialists developmed and launcehd the new website for Eva Beauty Salon. We also created and implemented a social media strategy. We helped Eva create content their clients could proudly share links to and feature in their social media profiles. We also saw clients sharing content with excitement in messages to friends and girlfriends.


Wow! Where do you get your manicure done?


In the field of providing beauty services there is another resource that every aspiring beauty salon must know - Google Maps. With the proper settings and promotion on Google Maps, the salon can generate a significant number of new leads. A solid rating also positively influences the popularity and reputation of the business.

Promotion of your business on Google Maps - that's what you need! We can do this. Success is in the analytics.

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