iTristar Financial Academy of Success

When company “iTristar”

contacted us for help, it already had a full-fledged website and a blog filled with articles.

But, the problem was that neither the site nor the regularly updated articles on the blog were generated new leads.

SEO - is a "free" way to success!


First of all, we started SEO-promotion of the website and the blog. After all, such an abundance of useful information provided in the blog, with the right SEO optimization, should attract a large number of potential customers.

And all this - without additional investments in advertising! We attained this through the organic search optimization in Google - when interested users go to your site, seeing it on the first positions in search results of their request.

Of course, we did not want our client to miss this opportunity. After all, this is beneficial not only in the framework of generating leads, but also positively affects the reputation and credibility of the company.

Would you like to be in the top results on Google too? We can help you too! Believe me, seeing your company on the first page of Google's search results is not only a pleasant experience, but also leads to extra money from new customers.


We only trust numbers and statistics

Our principle of work is to give you the maximum number of new customers for the minimum amount of time and money.

Therefore, while completing the work on SEO optimization of the website and the blog of Financial Academy "iTristar", our expert team developed in parallel the design and functionality of completely new, independent (not tied to the site and blog) capture pages.

On the capture pages, we offered the services of the financial academy "iTristar". Beign professionals of our business, we did not just create an advertising campaign for these capture pages and simply sit back and expect new customers. To ensure the success of an advertising campaign that is both cheap and maximally productive, you need to constantly analyze the results, conduct A/B Testing, and optimize effectiveness.

For A/B Testing, we developed several different designs and messages of the capture pages. This allowed us to define and calculate the formula for success.

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