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The company Green Pass Logistics INC

needed an immediate solution to its problem - huge shortage of qualified drivers. Green Pass urgently needed a branded website that could generate new driver leads as soon as possible!

This is probably the one project with record-setting execution speeds. "IM4U Digital Agency" team members worked with an extreme sense of urgency and dedication to make the project come together in an "unrealistic timeline".


Scaled the business in just one month!


We independently conducted market analysis, studied the target audience, set goals and developed a well-functionin website. And all this - in just 14 days! In addition, without the use of any templates - a unique and (most important) selling webdesign!

So, within two weeks of intense work, the website was ready and launched not only for viewing by users and the general public, but also positioned for indexing by the various search engines. After that, in about 15 days we set up extensive advertising campaigns using Google AdWords.

For the sake of fairness, we noticed that we actually invested in the specified timeframe, and started receiving Lead calls and filling out forms on the site, but advertising campaigns needed optimization: it was necessary to increase the conversion (to attract more leads) and reduce the cost of advertising itself. Which we did, accompanying Green Pass Logistics INC.

The client was able to reap the maximum results for a minimum upfront money investment

Our fundamental work is to capture the maximum number of new customers for our clients' business for the minimum amount of time and money invested.

This approach underlines our professionalism - we do not tell tales of distant prospects, instead we lead prospects to your business. Our goal is to create opportunities for your company to earn more "here and now."

Once we maximize the existing opportunity, we go on to suggest creating new sales funnels and expanding the reach. For example, exploring the creation and development of accounts on social networks.

Green Pass Logistics INC now attracts new drivers on the website, and through social networks Instagram and Facebook.

Guess who keeps this lead generating machine running now? The "IM4U Digital Agency" team, of course :) !


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