Marketing Audit

A marketing audit is an invaluable tool for examining your current strategy and assessing how effective it is. It involves looking at every aspect of how you market your business and helps identify areas which need strengthening or improving. By doing a thorough marketing audit, you can gain a better understanding of your company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities available to you that may not have been visible before. The iM4U team will conduct an audit of marketing platforms, identify the strengths and weaknesses of promoting both your business and the business of competitors. A good marketing audit will lead to greater efficiency, clarity, and improved results for any business.

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When do you need a marketing audit?

Analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Finding ways to take your business to the next level

Evaluation of the promotion of your own website or competitors

Determination of the best promotion channels

Types of audit

  • Marketing strategy
  • Effectiveness of Facebook or Instagram Ad campaigns
  • Site performance
  • Google Ads Performance
  • The effectiveness of SEO promotion
  • The effectiveness of Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
  • The effectiveness of reputation marketing
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How is the process

Consulting on client issues takes place in the format of a 1.5 hour session at the enterprise or remotely


Creating a marketing audit checklist

Defining the target audience

Conducting competitor and product analysis

Audit of marketing platforms

Submission of the final audit report

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